A Family of Families

A Family of FamiliesTrinity is a family of families.  There are families of blood, families of choice, families of friendships, families of spirit, families of service, families of learning, families of worship, families of fun.  We are interconnected through one or more families.

We are learning new families as new people come.  We say good bye to some who move on or pass on.  We get to know each other better.  We know each other for brief periods.  We know each other for many years.  We seek to love God and one another with all of our hearts, even though sometimes the process is a little bumpy.

Our name denotes the Christian tradition that God is known in Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  C. S. Lewis once wrote that it makes sense that God is known this way, since God’s attribute of love requires someone to love.  So God’s love exists within God, then overflows to us.  Our love exists within the different families reflected in this directory, then flows from there to others and to God.

Keep on flowing


Pastor Dan

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