A perfect wedding?

I performed the wedding for my son Luke and his fiancée Enid on October 1.  It rained.  Hard.  All day.  The wedding was supposed to be outdoors on Enid’s folks’ farm.  We were in a tent, with water running across the ground.  It was a perfect wedding.

Perfect?  Really?

Yes.  It was a perfect wedding.  As Paul Stookey says in Wedding Song, it is “love that brought you here, and love that gives you life.”  The love that we have for each other reflects the love of God that is for and with all of us everywhere all the time.  How can such a place be anything but perfect.

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral, London 1940

I saw a picture of a wedding party in London in 1940, gathered in the street in front of their house.  Only, their house, along with all of the other houses on the street, were no longer there.   They had been bombed out in the blitz.  People looked like they were under distress.  But there was also a bit of a smile on each face.  Love was there.  So it was a perfect wedding.

How about a perfect worship service at Trinity?  Does the same idea apply?  I think that it does. If the love of God is there—and it is—then it is a perfect worship.  Frankly, this understanding has upheld Christians in all sorts of circumstances, from persecution to ordinary days filled with ordinary tasks.  It is what Paul was talking about in Romans 8, when he listed all of the nasty things he could think of (persecution, famine, nakedness, sword, etc.), but ended “nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

So I guess I would say, have a perfect day.

Peace and Grace,

Pastor Dan

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