A Time of Preparation

a-lenten-cross-423x273Lent seems like a good season for a late Winter that is including a lot of snow.  I can remember Lenten seasons when Spring was in the air, and it was hard to keep my mind on the rigors of the Church year.  It is hard to do self-denial, prayer, and disciplined Christian living when it is just so beautiful outside.  The nasty weather we have had lately is easier to fit into the less pleasant aspects of preparing our hearts for the holy season of Easter.

Having a wintry March is a reminder of another part of the Lenten season.  I always remember farmers out west who rejoiced to have the kinds of snows that we have had recently.  They said that such heavy late-season snows put a nitrogen rich blanket over the fields which made the soil richer for the coming planting and growing seasons.  In the same way, the blanket of Lent’s spiritual disciplines covers our hearts in preparation for the celebration of Easter.

This preparation can be as simple as denying ourselves simple pleasures (a favorite food, drink, or activity), which become just that much more enjoy-able when we resume them again as part of our Easter festival.  The rich-ness of life becomes richer when we have gone without.

In the same way, the richness of the Spirit can be revealed to our hearts not just in the blessings we receive today, but in blessings that are delayed for awhile.  If we take the long view, we can see so much more of what God is doing.  If we engage in a Lenten discipline, we find ourselves better at the end than we were at the beginning.  We have given God time to work.

May your Lenten season be a snowy one—in a figurative way.


Pastor  Dan

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