Annual Church Conference

churchconferenceThe annual Church Conference this year will be held Tuesday, December 2, 2014, in the Narthex.

The Church (or Charge) Conference is the annual business meeting of the Church.  When designated as a Charge Conference, only the leadership of the congregation participates.  When designated as a Church Conference, all are invited to participate.  We hold our annual meeting as a Church Conference.  So all are invited.

Usually, the Conference is convened and presided over by the District Superintendent of the Elgin District of the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church.  This year, the DS will not be with us, and a Presiding Elder (one of the    pastors on our District, SungJa Moon from Salem Church in Barrington) will be presiding.

In addition to Conference business, there will be a special emphasis on children and youth as our neighbors. We are being asked to consider the following questions:

  • Who are the children and teens to whom we can be/are in ministry?
  • What does it mean to welcome these children as teens?
  • What do children and teens bring with them?
  • What can this congregation do to reach and welcome neighborhood children and teens?

We invite you to think about these questions, and come to the Church Conference meeting on December 2 to share your thoughts.

Because these are questions about children and teens, Jacki Bogolia is using a different set of question for children and teens.  Thus there will be input from our children and youth as part of the meeting.

The official business of the Conference consists of reflections on ministry in the past year and the reception of reports, including those establishing our leadership for the year ahead and setting the pastor’s salary.  The rest of the budget for 2015 will be set at the end of 2014, and is not part of the Church Conference agenda.

This meeting is open to everyone, and we hope that you will plan to attend.

Pastor Dan

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