“Big Ears” Wanted

 “Little pitchers (not pictures) do have big ears.” Those who remember my last Pastor’s page, it turns out my mother was right and I was wrong. Neal Bradley corrected me, noting that the phrase goes back a long way. So, it wasn’t my mother’s southern accent, but my misunderstanding. The things that happen when we listen lightly and do not ask the questions that we should!

The accounts of Jesus’ last days have the disciples listening lightly or in confusion, and not really knowing what to ask. The concepts were too difficult, the plan too hard to grasp. Jesus is arrested and they run. Jesus dies and they hide. Jesus rises and they are stunned. They are not hearing the plan.

Fortunately, they started to hear. By Pentecost, the resurrection had become the center of Peter’s proclamation. God confirms God’s message by raising

Jesus from the dead, he says. With greater reflection, the disciples, and later Paul, begin to consider other meanings to the resurrection. Jesus conquers death, becoming the first fruits of life. The sting of death is taken away and the power of sin is broken. The resurrection life of Jesus saves us and gives us hope.

Having gotten the message, the disciples and those who come after turn the message of hope and new life around and around in their hearts and minds, examining every part for its fullest meaning. This is a legacy that they give to us, if we will hear. So, whether we are little pitchers or big, we all need big ears to hear the Easter message and share the Easter hope.

Here’s to “big ears.”

Happy Easter,

Pastor Dan

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