You Never Know Who You Might Save


Dear Trinity Friends, He was part of a surf boat crew that sought to save shipwrecked sailors in the nineteenth century.  Everything was oar-powered.  Working in stormy surf was difficult and … [Read more...]

Spring is on the Way!

Dear Friends, Spring is coming. I can tell from all of the door hangers put out by lawn services!  But more. Not only can we see the grass, but even the first hints of green.  The cold may hang on, … [Read more...]

Hang in there!

robin in snow 2

Winter is winding down, but with a few bumps on the road.  I have not put the snow blower or shovels away yet. Last Sunday, even as I was not able to find our painted robin for the pulpit, I had … [Read more...]

Joash Sunday


We will have a Joash Sunday Offering on April 6, 2014 with the goal of retiring our Church mortgage.    We request that Trinity members and friends give prayerful considera-tion to making a … [Read more...]

Faith and Dedication Part of Our Heritage

We are having more Winter this year than recently.  In fact, I have been reminded a bit of the “bad old Winters” of the late seventies and early eighties.  But perhaps it would be appropriate to … [Read more...]