Crop Walk in October

cropwalkSunday, October 19th

In parts of Cambodia and around the world, your steps in the CROP Hunger Walk can turn  into nutritious, green leafy vegetables.

Through CWS, families learn how to plant  and harvest vegetables.  They have learned  to place fences around their gardens to prevent animals from eating their crops.  And they are weeding and watering their gardens regularly.  The result:  more food for everyone.

$25 can provide a farm family with everything they need to make succulent, nutritious honey—hives, training and equipment

$50 can provide 400 lbs. of much-needed food for a local church-run pantry.

$100 can provide 250 cute and useful baby chicks, who will grow up to be egg-producing chickens.

Join the CROP Hunger WALK or donate to a walker today. 

Sign up online at:

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