Don’t give up the fight

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was washed up.  The maverick politician had bounced around the Parliament and the British government for years.  He had been involved in plans both brilliant and bone-headed.  Some of his missteps left him marked as damaged goods.  He had been involved in a serious accident that left him injured.  He drank too much.  He ate too much.  He smoked like a chimney.  He was in poor health.  He was the classic has-been.

That was all before World War II.  As it turned out, Churchill’s most ex-citing and significant days were yet to come.  The rumors of his end turned out to be wrong.  Fortunately, despite all of his troubles, he had never believed them.  So, when the call came, he was ready.

Billy Graham once said that only God puts the period on the sentence.

Have you struggled with rumors of your demise?  Lost a job?  Experi-enced poor health?  Made some bad, even bone-head, choices?  Growing old?  Losing touch?  Feeling passed by?  On and on?  Have you been told that the period has been put on your sentence?

Has it?  You may not be able to do what you did, think what you thought, be as fast or as good or as smart as you were.  Old Churchill wasn’t young Churchill.  But when the chips were down, he rose to something better.  He rose to being all that he needed to be for the mo-ment of need.

Don’t count yourself out.  Don’t even let death count you out.  We do not know.  Because only God puts the period on the sentence.

Thanks be to God

Pastor Dan

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