Education Ministry Gifts

ReligiousEd3A church receives a lot of gifts throughout the year. People share their gifts of time, skills, experience, advice, financial resources and more. We donate gently used items to the church rummage sale. Several pre-owned televisions and DVD players are used in rooms throughout the building. The youth enjoy the homey comfort of donated couches and chairs up in the loft.

Gifts made to our education ministry often include new and used books, toys, videos and DVDs. Some of these items reflect movie characters and television shows that have little to do with faith formation. Usually we re-gift these “pop culture” donations to organizations such as Trinity Preschool and WINGS where children can enjoy them again and again.

Stuffed animals and fabric or fuzzy toys are examples of thoughtful (often adorable) gifts that cannot be used in the Trinity nursery because they exacerbate dust allergies in some children.

All gifts are gratefully received, and thoughtful consideration is given to the usefulness of each one. Is the item clean and in good condition? What is the content or message, if any? What does the message have to do with faith formation? How can the item be used as a tool for Christian education?

Items that contribute to faith formation are incorporated into our education, youth and/or nursery ministries. One might find them in the library, a classroom, the Book Cart or being used with an activity. Items that do not contribute to faith formation (even when the message is a positive one) are re-gifted when it is possible or appropriate.

So, when you donate a gift to Trinity, you never know where it might end up!

Even so, you may expect that as staff we will do our best to find the right place where the gift will be used to do the greatest good. Thank you to all who share your gifts with Trinity church.

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