Why Church?


by Pastor Jacki

Faith+Family+FriendsRecently several families with young children, Trinity Nursery Ministers, and staff gathered for food and fellowship at the church.  We discussed what a new ministry serving these families might look like.  We started with the question,

“Why church?”   Responses are summarized below:

…for myself:  for community, support, and a feeling of connectedness with other families and with God.

…for my family:  so my children will benefit from moral and ethical guidance; my desire to bring my children up in a faith community – something I didn’t have; so my children will have the experience I had growing up in a church, i.e., everyone in the congregation was my grandmother or grandfather; because my closest friends are the friends I made while growing up in the church…I want that for my children, too; consistency and repetition of Bible stories and lessons through Christian education and service.

…for others: we like using the Rainbow Covenant emphasis each month to reinforce the importance of service and mission with our children; we like the way the Sunday School curriculum focuses on service each week and month.

These parents, grandparents and caregivers of young children are interested in starting an adult study group in the fall.  They will meet in the nursery area after the 10:30 service where they can be close to their children playing in the room next door.

Resources for adult faith formation will be examined over the summer in preparation for the fall program year.  One criterion for DVD resources will be that they are accessible to everyone.

We like the idea of a Parent Exchange with parents of older youth.  For example, the younger parents would supervise junior and senior high youth activities in exchange for the parents of older youth caring for the little ones.
We are interested in meeting over the summer in local parks to get better acquainted and share time together as families.  Dates and locations will selected and posted on the Trinity this web site (trinitymp.org).

We want our children to experience worship with the congregation on a regular basis. We will consider new ways to schedule Sunday morning activities so that children benefit from both worship and faith formation.

We look forward to the help and support of staff and Nursery Minister caregivers who are committed to ensuring that our youngest children receive appropriate nurture and care.

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