Grow Proclaim Serve Fall Curriculum

Grow Proclaim Serve LogoParents of Children in 1st through 5th grades

Please join Education Director Jacki Bogolia in Trinity Hall on August 19th to learn about the new Grow Proclaim Serve curriculum for children.

9:15 Group viewing of the GPS webinar *

9:45 How the curriculum will be customized for Trinity’s education ministry beginning September 2, 2012.

Parents of Children in the Nursery through Kindergarten

Please plan to attend the Faith+Family+Friends (F+F+F) gathering on August 19th immediately following the 10:30 service. Meet at the Nursery Round Table to learn about the new Grow Proclaim Serve Christian education program that will be introduced to parents and children from nursery age through 5th grade this fall.*

* Watch the GrowProclaimServe parent webinar online before we meet:

Find useful faith formation information and parent resources

Register your child to ensure compliance with Trinity’s Safe Sanctuary Guidelines

Watch a short video of a PreK-K Sunday school lesson


  1. Connie Schweitzer says:

    Hello. I am a Christian Educator in the Elgin district also who is looking for unused preschool funpaks for the Grow Proclaim Serve curriculum in the 2012 – 2015 program years. Would you have any of them you would be willing to sell to us?

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