Job Posting for Youth Ministries Positions

Trinity United Methodist Church in Mt. Prospect, IL has restructured its Youth Ministries leadership team.  In this shared-position, two staff persons will lead 6th-12th grade students, primarily on weekends, from September through June.  We hope to expand the position to include a summer mission service trip and youth camp.  Perfect opportunity for seminary and college students seeking part-time employment with a competitive monthly salary.  Please refer to the accompanying job description for additional information.  Send resume and salary requirements to


Position Title: Youth Ministry Leaders (rev. 9/28/15)
Classification:  Part-time — shared position
Reports to: Director of Christian Education & Youth Ministries, Pastor and SPRC
Contact: with resume and salary requirements.

Position Summary

September through June: The Youth Ministry Leader(s) will be responsible for planning and overseeing youth ministries serving 6th-12th grade students including spiritual growth, fellowship, and mission service opportunities. Leaders will include young people in the total ministry and life of the church. Presence is required most Friday evenings and Sunday mornings as well as some Saturdays. May expand to include up to two week-long off-site summer experiences. Hiatus: July-August.

One leader will have theological training and be primarily responsible for faith formation and nurturing youth toward Christian maturity through Bible exploration and helping to make God’s Word relevant in students’ lives.  One leader will be primarily responsible for organization, administration, logistics, planning, promotion, social media, and follow-up.  Both leaders will model Christian discipleship, possess strong interpersonal skills, and enjoy being in relationship with young people and families.

Skills: Ability to access multiple resources; communicate (interpersonal, written, oral, digital, presentation); facilitate small groups; think and plan creatively; act on ideas and visions; motivate and empower others; teach; listen; plan, organize and coordinate events and activities; some administration, record-keeping and budgeting; proficiency with current technologies including web page maintenance and social media.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Communicate and build relationships with all age groups & be a caring Christian person.
  2. Provide for spiritual formation of youth & empower youth to discipleship in Jesus Christ.
  3. Co-lead & anchor Sunday morning classes and Friday evening groups, and some Saturday and/or week-long activities with young people.
  4. Collaborate with others in the design and implementation of youth ministry; oversee programs, retreats, mission/service trips, stewardship activities, outreach experiences.
  5. Serve on Youth Council and Church Council
  6. Attend and support dramatic, athletic and musical events in which youth participate.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  1. Bachelor Degree; training and/or experience leading 6th-12 grade youth.
  2. United Methodist Certification in Youth Ministries preferred.
  3. Be at least 22 years of age
  4. Valid driver’s license
  5. Complete Safe Gatherings online training and background check (upon hire)

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:

  1. Visual and hearing acuity to perform job-related functions
  2. Ability to lift up to 25 pounds
  3. Ability to reach, kneel, stoop, bend, run and climb stairs
  4. Ability to perform indoor and outdoor activities with a moderate to high noise level
  5. Physical fitness and stamina to supervise and lead high-energy youth for up to 30 consecutive hours and week-long excursions.
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