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Congratulations to Jackie Hinaber, former trustee at the MPPL.  She is the recipient of the 2011 Illinois Library Association Trustee Citation Award.  The award is given for achievement, leadership and service to libraries.  Throughout her 24 years of service, Jackie has held officer positions including 8 years as president.

Bill Anthony assisted the trustees in getting one of our riding lawnmowers repaired.  We appreciate your diligence and determination in taking care of this, Bill.

Trinity’s “Go-for-it” man, Harold Weary, is, according to Guinness World Records, the oldest person on record to undergo a total hip replacement!   Harold just celebrated his 103rd birthday, October 7th.  He is doing very well and recuperating and rehabilitating at Lutheran Home in Arlington Heights.  He is eager to make this daily walk again from his home to the Mt. Prospect Public Library!

We now have a Kitchen Check-list hanging on each of our three the refrigerator doors. All groups that use church kitchens are asked to complete and initial the check list each time they use any of the three kitchens for a function.

Richard Eyer will be performing at the Metropolis next month.  Show dates for Stuart Little are Nov 8-10 at 10am and 7pm at the Metropolis in Arlington Heights (100 Campbell).  Richard has two small speaking roles, and the rest of the time he is part of the chorus, singing and dancing his heart out! The cast is completely comprised of children and adolescents taking classes at the Metropolis and is being staged as a professional children’s theatre production.

Many Thanks to our Boy & Cub Scouts for donating so many food items as a result of their recent Food Drive.  Our PADS Pantry is full and on behalf of PADS, we are very grateful!  Charlotte Sneed McCall.

Martha & Mary Lutheran Church (on the north side of Golf Road, opposite our church) is hosting Life Line Screening on Tuesday, November 1st.  For additional information, you may pick up a flyer (bright pink) in the narthex.  Pre-registration and fee is required.  Call 1-800-324-1851 and give them the Priority Code:  HSC5274 to register.

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