Lord, Teach Us to Pray

TEACH-US-TO-PRAY-BANNER-2-REVThe United Methodist Interpreter magazine and Upper Room have launched a year-long project that includes print and digital articles, webinars, and conversations all around the topic of prayer. The “Teach Us to Pray” project responds to requests for more information about personal spiritual growth and spiritual leadership.

Throughout 2013 these topics will be examined in a series of free webinars:

Prayer, Power and Practice (January-February)

Praying Through Scripture (March-April)

Intercessory Prayer (May-June)

Praying with Our Bodies (July-August)

Praying Through the Senses (November-December)

More than 200 participants joined the January session, “Learning to Pray.” It was recorded and archived. Registration is open for the February 21 session, “Becoming a Praying Congregation.”

Watch archived sessions and register for upcoming webinars at the Teach us to Pray website.


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