Meal Ministry

mealsministryLove to cook?  Love to visit?
Wanting to get to know more people at church?

A new Small Group, Meals Ministry, is being formed at Trinity. The purpose will be to provide meals to people in need: to be a blessing to families who welcome a new child into their home, to be a comfort in time of illness, hospitalization, or loss, and to provide a tangible opportunity for church members to express their love and care for those in their church family. Meals provide a way for us to say we care and we support our church family through difficult times.
Interested “meal ministers” will meet once every 6-8 weeks to enjoy fellowship and to prepare family-friendly meals which will be kept frozen at church until needed.

mealsPlease contact:
Cindy Kiel ( or Jacki Bogolia
for more information.


  1. Steve Jones says:

    I could help with cooking and meal preparation.

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