Memorial Center

What is the Memorial Center?

Trinity United Methodist Church exists to meet the religious and spiritual needs of all its members and friends. Meeting the special needs of the bereaved is one of the many important services our Church provides.

We also believe establishing these distinguished exterior and interior Memorial sites at Trinity Church is a meaningful and abiding way to remember loved ones, as well as provide an appropriate meditation environment for family members.

How is the Center maintained?

Trinity Church assumes full responsibility for ongoing maintenance and care of both Memorial Center locations — exterior and interior. This includes installing/maintaining all bronze plaques as well as plantings of shrubs and flowers around the exterior wall. It is our intent to have both Memorial Center areas perpetually inspiring and dignified for all those visiting or meditating at these areas.

Who may acquire spaces in the Memorial Center areas?

Memorial Walk at TrinityMembers of Trinity United Methodist Church and their immediate families, former members and their immediate families, Friends of Trinity as shown in the Church Directory records and their immediate families, and Trinity Church Pastors/former Pastors and their immediate families are all eligible to be memorialized at either the appropriate exterior wall or interior wall areas. Immediate family is defined by the Memorial Committee as grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, spouse, children and grandchildren.

How does one enroll in the Memorial Center?

Enrollment is simple. A brief enrollment form, available in the Church office, is completed with the name of the person(s) to be memorialized, year of birth, and year of death, and then filed with the Church. This information is used to reserve the space(s) and arrange for a bronze plaque to be affixed to each selected exterior or interior wall area. Although no personal information is required on the form, all enrollment information shall be treated in a strictly confidential manner. A receipt from the church acknowledging the enrollment(s) will be given to the contributor for their family records.

Enrollment Donation

A donation for an exterior wall reservation helps defray the costs of construction, ongoing maintenance of the wall site and garden areas and includes interment of cremains plus memorialization and installation of one bronze plaque on the wall as described above. This amount is $500 and, upon request, financing arrangements of the enrollment amount can be arranged with the Memorial Center committee.

A donation for an interior wall reservation helps defray the costs of special lighting, main plaque, plus memorialization and installation of a bronze plaque on the wall as described. This amount is $175 and financing arrangements of the enrollment amount can be arranged with the Memorial Center committee. Please inquire for further information.

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