My Hopes and Dreams For Trinity

  • My hopes and dreams are for Trinity UMC to prosper and serve people here and far into the future.  We must continue to be friendly to all people and to thank our Lord God for continued blessings.
  • Blue bell choir tables/pulpit banner, etc. for Advent.  Drinking fountain with refill for water bottles.
  • 15-passenger van
  • Refinish top of altar—looks bad.
  • I would like to see a cleaner, more organized presentable narthex that is welcoming to strangers.
  • New sanctuary and narthex lights with bulbs that can be replaced without a ladder!
  • I hope and pray fervently that we will be-come a Reconciling Congregation, and openly and honestly deal with the issues connected.
  • Time for one service.
  • We increase our ministry ten-fold.
  • More lights in the parking lot.
  • Social events that aren’t fundraisers.  Fund-raisers that aren’t dependent on congrega-tion funds only.  Future purchase of Century 21 property for future outreach.  More flow-ers/landscaping/trees in front of church.
  • To be successful and content.  Happiness is a variable.
  • Debt Free
  • I want to be debt free! We have been around since the first pastor was  here and con-stantly working toward retiring the mort-gage.  Now most of us are widows on Social Security and it’s hard.
  • A large multipurpose room—conveniently located stage with stage lighting, full kitchen and  fully accessible to the  disabled.
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