November will be Upward Call month

Last month Claude Bjork who cares for our sign on Golf Road put “Come to Our Saturday night service, 5 PM” on one side of the sign. For the two Saturdays that that message was visible we had six visitors who came to Upward Call because they saw the sign, two of whom a young couple, then returned the next Sunday morning and indicated that they may be back.

This situation reminded me of two things. First the importance of our sign as an invitation to people to come among us. Thank you to Claude Bjork for maintaining the sign. The second is the possibilities for growth both in and because of our Saturday night service.

For this reason, after consulting with a number of folks including the leadership of Upward Call, I have asked Claude to put the same message (“Come to Our Saturday night service, 5 PM”) on both sides of the sign for the entire month of November. We will see what kind of response that we get.

The Praise Band has already made modification to the Upward Call service to tighten up the format and give our Praise Band, Infinite Journey, a more prominent part with live music. If you have attended Upward Call but haven’t been lately, I think that you will find these changes to be significant.

Our other need for this special emphasis is for good attendance from our members and friends at Trinity in order to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, and a pathway to the ministries of Trinity including those on Sunday morning.

So, we are asking for support for Upward Call for the month of November. If you are a regular attender, keep coming. If you have attended in the past but not recently consider returning, if you have never attended our Saturday night contemporary service, please consider giving it a try. We would like to have a good representation of our folks to greet visitors.

If you are interested in reaching out to new folk we would especially recommend that you come on Saturday nights during November to the church sanctuary at 5 pm for Upward Call.

Thank you and God Bless,

Pastor Dan


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