Of Thanksgiving

thanksgiving turkeyThanksgiving is upon us. Last Sunday, when we did our Thanksgiving singspiration, we sang a number of the favorite hymns of the season. Many were about harvest, and remind us of how important that event was back when survival through the Winter might depend upon the crops available in the Autumn. To have enough and to spare was a cause for rejoicing.

Often nowadays we take enough and to spare for granted, although with the recent economy we have all faced fear and uncertainty. To have made it to the end of another year with occasion for thanksgiving with family, friends, church, and community is certainly a matter for rejoicing.

My prayer is that God’s peace, love, joy, and blessings will crowd around you this Thanksgiving, and that you will be able to give thanks from the bottom of your soul for each and every one.

And “Thankful Giving”

Also, as we approach this Thanksgiving, we look ahead. We are already in full swing planning for 2013. As part of that planning, we are preparing to send out our annual stewardship letter with a pledge card to estimate our giving for 2013. Our theme for this year’s pledge campaign is related to the season. It is “Thankful Giving.” We pray that you would consider your part for next year, and as the opportunity comes to provide an estimate of giving for Trinity’s continued ministry, that you will be generous.

And a Special Request

We also have a special request this year. The Staff Parish Relations Committee has been in conversation with the Finance Committee about the need to strengthen our growing ministry to children and youth. The proposal is that we do this by extending Jacki Bogolia’s hours (from 30 to 35 per week) and her contract period (adding a month to include organizing Summer ministries, and that we extend Dave Borum’s contract to the full year. Such an addition would add about $13,000 to the budget for 2013.

The Finance Committee has recommended that we ask your support as part of the Stewardship Campaign. If you are willing to give more to support this plan for Trinity’s ministry to children and youth, would you indicate this support by increasing your pledge for 2013, or, if you do not pledge, by indicating your willingness to give more to support this ministry by marking the appropriate place on the pledge card.

A letter with this information, along with a pledge card and envelope, will be in your hands shortly after Thanksgiving. We will be placing the envelopes in cornucopia on the altar as a sign of our thankful giving during the Sundays in December.

Thank you for your faithful support, and God bless you all.

Pastor Dan

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