Pray for our Children

Pastor Jacki

Trinity angels, shepherds, Magi and sheep are preparing for the Christmas Eve Service when they will invite visiting children to put on a costume and join the Christmas “Pick-up” Pageant.

Children who attended the December Second Sunday Special recognized the difference between sacred and secular, and made sacred Christmas gifts.

Only a few sacred children’s books remain on the Book Cart in the narthex. All are welcome to borrow or buy.

Young people are beginning to make plans for Youth Sunday, February 3rd.

Confirmation students and “ex-cons” will join students from other churches at Stronghold Castle for a retreat in April.

God continues to bless the ministries to young people at Trinity. And God continues to invite each of us to set aside devotional time so that Spirit might ease our worries, open our eyes, and change our hearts. God is ready for our prayers.

We can pray in gratitude and celebration for all of the good things going on in our church. And when bad things happen in our communities and our world, we can pray for God to guide our response. When we make time to pray, God is there to meet us.

I hope you will include your church in your prayers. Even though a lot of good is going on, Trinity needs a few good pray-ers

This Christmas I will begin searching for people who will pray for Trinity’s children and education ministries. Dave will be looking for pray-ers who will lift up the needs of youth and our youth ministry.

If you are willing to pray, we would like to know who you are. Trinity pray-ers will be kept informed of specific ministry needs. Trinity pray-ers will agree to lift these needs to God in prayer each day or each week. With your prayers we can be sure that God’s Holy Spirit will inspire our thoughts, motivate our action, and guide our ministries in the new year.

Let us pray.

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