Prayer Blanket Ministry

When I brought the three prayer blankets from Trinity to Lawton, Oklahoma, I told Pastor Michelle McCarty at Lawton Heights United Methodist Church about them. When I told her that the blankets were on the communion rail at Trinity on Palm Sunday, she wanted them on the communion rail here on Easter Sunday to be rededicated.

Just before the end of the service, she called me up to the front where I told the story of Trinity’s Prayer Blanket Ministry. Then I invited the people to come, say a prayer for the recipient, and tie a knot. People were very moved by the experience and the three ladies who received them were especially touched. The next Sunday, I was approached by a woman who is interested in having LHUMC make a prayer blanket to send to Colorado. We have both spoken to Pastor Michelle. Now, a brand new Prayer Blanket Ministry is starting here, inspired by the three prayer blankets from Trinity. Praise the Lord!

Love, hope, and blessings to all who create and receive the gifts of these ministries.

Lenor Davis

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