Preschool THANKS!

preschoolartWe had such a fun time at our auction this year and always appreciate the great turn out from the church and the preschool families. Our bake sale is always not just full of wonderful, special treats, but looks so beautiful too.

A big thank you to Sue Templin, a Trinity Preschool Board member, for being in charge of our bake sale. We made over $720.00 just at the bake sale that morning! I also want to thank Christine Banser, who is the chairperson of the Trinity Preschool Board for all of her work in making this year’s auction a success. We have several preschool parents who also serve on our board and worked many hours to raise the $6500.00 the auction and bake sale brought in. This money will help us pay for the required fire doors, help us continue to sup- port Trinity Church as well as buy a few new educational materials for our classrooms.

Trinity Preschool continues to grow each year, this fall we will begin our 44th year as one of the best local preschools. We are always looking for ways to improve and ways we can meet the needs of more children and families in the area. If you would ever like to stop in and see the preschool in action, I would be happy to show you around- you will be amazed! Call 847-357-1513 or email me at

Mary Ristau, Director—Trinity Preschool

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