Rummage Sale Report

The Annual Trinity Church Rummage Sale can be regarded as a success!  It can be called a success because slightly over $6,600 was raised from that sale to be applied to Trinity’s budget needs for 2012.  A few proceeds from e-bay sales continue to trickle in so an absolute final figure has yet to be determined, but it will not be much beyond the above figure. And, many of you made it happen, either through helping with the sale or your purchase of items for sale.  We would like to thank all who helped diligently and faithfully to make this happen.  You deserve to be thanked by listing your names in this report, however, so many made such significant contributions through their labor, their use of personal vehicles to contribute, haul, store, retrieve and to finally help with Saturday evening cleanup that it would be an insult and injustice to omit anyone, and that is what we are afraid we might do if we tried to identify all who served Trinity in this meaningful endeavor.  So, again, THANKS, THANKS AND EVER THANKS to all who helped in one way or another.

One result of the sale has become apparent and that is NEW LEADERSHIP needs to step forward if a sale is to be held next year.  Many of we seniors who have led and worked for years to assure a successful sale, while perhaps looking and acting as if we are forty, are finding our bodies telling us we are well beyond that age.  Most have indicated this year’s sale is the last year they will be able to provide the heavy lifting and all that goes into assuring a successful sale.  Anyone with ideas on whether we should continue this project, or anyone with ideas on how to improve the process, should consult with Pastor Dan, or chairs of the various work areas so these ideas (and hopefully, commitments) might be transmitted.  Certainly, the Church needs some ability to raise similar funds, be it this project or another idea, because it is depended upon for budget goals.  With prayerful thought and helpful souls, this project, or one of a similar magnitude, can result in continued help for the Church’s annual budget.  Please give it careful consideration and tell us how it will happen, but, once again, thanks to all who made this year’s effort significantly worthwhile.

Skip and Janice Farley

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