Rummage Sale

What Happens May 4 & 5?

It’s the ANNUAL RUMMAGE SALE, of course!  Worker VOLUNTEERS are needed and as soon as chairs for the various DEPARTMENTS are found, a GENERAL PLANNING MEETING will be scheduled.  We hope you might be among them.

JEWELRY is going to be emphasized this year.  If you have jewelry you would not mind donating to Trinity, please set it aside for delivery closer to the sale dates.

It is not too early to begin thinking of items you wish to donate to Trinity for this year’s sale.  We are out of storage space (unless someone has a half empty garage or something of that nature that you would not mind items being stored in) so we ask you to make a list of items you plan to donate so display space can be better allocated, and give it to Janice Farley upon finalization.  Please only donate items that are USEFUL, WORK, AND STILL HAVE A BIT OF LIFE LEFT IN THEM.

Furniture is typically items that sell well EXCEPT for entertainment centers of old.  New centers are much different than those sold years ago.  Also, older TV sets, printers and computers no longer sell well.  With new restrictions as the disposal of these items, we have to be quite selective this year as to what we will accept and what we believe will sell.

There are no schedule conflicts this year with other events at the Church.  Please help us make this year’s Rummage Sale one of the best ever.  God’s work might not be easy, however, it certainly is worthwhile.

Thanks for all you do for Trinity – and for how you can assist in this year’s sale.
Janice Farley,

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