Sanctuary Prayer Connection

Sanctuary Prayer  ConnectionJohn Wesley wrote a great deal about health. In one place, after a long list of remedies and cures, he ends by advising his readers not to forget that most important, and long neglected remedy, prayer.

As we met at staff meeting to consider programming for so many areas of our Church and our desire to be a safe and sheltering place for everyone, we did so in the light of recent events in Connecticut. Considering the many and varied things that we can and need to do in response, we started talking about the need for prayer to undergird every part of our ministry as a congregation.

Therefore, we will be starting the Safe Sanctuary Prayer Connection, a group of prayer circles around the different ministries of Trinity. We are asking everyone of our members and friends to consider signing up for one or more (or all) of the prayer circles. You will receive weekly and special updates from staff and volunteers asking for prayers for the needs of ministry. This will be a valuable supplement to our current prayer chains.

At present, we will have a prayer circle for the pastor (this covers all ministries of the Church until such time as volunteers arise to take parts as a separate prayer circle. Prayers for PADS, Sunday worship, Music, UMW, UMM, etc., will start under this circle, then expand into their own circles), a prayer circle for the office, a prayer circle for the education ministry, and a prayer circle for youth.

This is only the beginning. More prayer circles will spin off of the Pastor’s prayer circle as folks who are connected with these ministries step forward to form their own circle.

Volunteer for one or more (or all) of the prayer circles by contacting Nancy at the Church office. Please, everyone consider helping us be a safe sanctuary for ministry by joining the Prayer Connection.

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