Thanks from the Band Leader

I am pleased and grateful for the response from the congregation on Big Band Sunday.  It was a great joy to play for all of you.

While the players and singers were given their due (a very talented group!), many other people helped behind the scenes.  At the risk of leaving out someone, thanks to:

The AV Team–Rick Benzinger, Rich Hammon, Brian Kiel, and Terry and Lauren Parsons.   Much planning on their part.

Ushers and bulletin preparers and stuffers.

Photographers–Jerry Hug, Jan Sigman, and others.

Videographers–I saw Eric Junkel working on this, and I am sure there were others.

Everyone who helped with set-ups–chairs and stands, communion railings, speakers, etc.

Finance people, including Jerry Askeland.

Those who helped to arrange for parking next door.

Those who persuaded friends and neighbors to attend.

Those who helped with promotional materials and the bulletin, especially, but not only, Nancy McNaughton.

Last but not least, Pastor Dan Swinson, Tyrone Mitchell, and the Worship & Music Committee, for their constant and ever-faithful support for the project.

Thank you! Thomas Weaver

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