The Blessing of Pentecost

“And everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit
and began speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.”
(Acts 2:4)

pentecostObserved 50 days after Passover, Pentecost was known as the Festival of First Harvest.  It was one of three major annual festivals when Jews of many nations gathered in celebration.  After Jesus’ promised – and supernatural – resurrection, our resurrected Savior taught and encouraged His followers for a full forty days, before ascending back to the heavenly realm.  Then ten days after His Ascension, the promised return of our Lord’s Holy Spirit was revealed, as He descended upon His disciples gathered in Jerusalem.

Finally, out of hiding, Peter preached with wisdom and boldness before an international crowd!  Starting on that blessed day, baptism of the Holy Spirit became available for anyone open to His inward, spiritual transformation.  Starting on that day, the world was, indeed, forever changed.  Starting on that day, a massive and worldwide making of Christian believers began and continues to this day.

The blessing of Pentecost was and remains the presence and power of God’s Holy Spirit within and with every believer.  Many fear the consequences of allowing the Holy Spirit to guide and empower their lives — the inability to continue to think and act as they always have.  And while it is true that God’s Spirit always expects and calls us to that which is beyond our human understanding and ability, it is also true that God is faithful in bestowing the power and faithfulness in doing Christ’s work in the world, that we may individually and together proclaim and embody God’s love and grace in our world.  Thanks be to God!

Greetings Trinity Family!

As I recall all that has happened, along with all that is about to unfold at Trinity UMC, I am both thankful for the many ways we are being blessed and excited about how God is leading us in being Christ’s blessing to others.  Special thanks to Rick & Judy Benzinger who were instrumental in coordinating our annual Rummage Sale!

Many thanks to all who helped in the receiving, sorting, and sale of the generous amount of donations we received.  The giving of your time and energies was essential to the success of this event!   And we thank those whose purchases also served to make this event so successful; greeting and meeting family and friends was great!

Electronic giving is almost here!  Research has shown that offering the electronic giving option has proved beneficial by making it easier for many to financially support the church’s ministry.  More information will follow, however, I offer many thanks to Jerry Askeland, our Committee on Finance Chair, for all of his efforts toward making electronic giving a reality at Trinity UMC!

Beginning in July 2016, “SPREADING THE JOY” will be a new addition to this publication.  Within the course of our daily lives, there is much that causes us concern and dulls our recognition of the Lord’s mercies and grace yet in our lives.  Therefore, I am inviting you to share a moment when the Spirit of God has brought celebration and joy into your heart and life.  Your submission may be edited and should be emailed to Martin, at

A Pictorial Church Directory is being planned.  Many thanks to Jere Teed for, again, volunteering to coordinate this fun event!  More details to come.

Two books I’m currently reading are: “America’s Original Sin” by Jim Wallis and “Talking in the Dark”, by Steve Harper.  I recommend both!  What are you reading?  Send to:
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Colleen

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