The Community of Believers

 by Miss Jacki

Grow Proclaim ServeAlthough we are in the midst of Lent, buried in snow and see only grey skies above, we antici-pate Easter, a time of new beginnings.  This month Grow Proclaim Serve! offers a new quarter of Bible stories and life lessons to the children. We began with Jesus washing the disciples’ feet on Sunday.  Little feet painted a banner that reminds us to follow Jesus’ exam-ple (and command) to serve one another.  The messy feet were washed with loving hands.

Throughout the spring children will learn about leaders of the early church including Paul, Silas, Lydia, Cornnelius and the first Com-munity of Believers who were caught by the fire of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Parents and adult leaders who haven’t read these Bible stories in a while (or ever) are learning, too.   Like the early church,  we are a Community of Believers with a wide range of  personalities, gifts, knowledge, skills and ex-perience.  There is room for everyone at the table, in the education wing, the loft, the choirs, committees, small groups, ministries and theatrical productions.

Families continue to make faith formation a high priority.  Their presence opens a wide range of possibilities for the Community of Be-lievers.  When we engage with young people and welcome folk who are new in church, we are helping to form their faith, and shape the future of the Church.

Sometimes I wonder what the world and the Church will look like when the young people of today are in charge.

As a Community of Believers, we are empow-ered by the Holy Spirit today to impact the choices they make ten, twenty, thirty years from now.  Wow.  What an awesome respon-sibility.  What an amazing opportunity!  Thank God we aren’t doing it alone!

Thank you, God for welcoming us into the Community of Believers.  Thank you for the courage to reach out and welcome in. Thank you for providing us with everything we need to serve. Amen.

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