The Fear Within


ff-ttr-wwt-branch-of-riverMy grandpa Murphy grew up near the Cape Fear River in North Carolina.  One day he shimmied out onto a branch over the river.  He found himself clinging upside down over the water, unable to move forward or backward .  He could not swim.  He could not move.  He cried for help as his arms burned with weariness.  Finally in despair, expecting to drown, he let go of the branch.   The water was only two feet deep.  Sheepishly, he got up and went home.

Fear can do strange things to us.  It can drive us to behaviors that we would not usually engage in.  It can color all of our life.  It can ruin our days.  Fear is sometimes needed, but most of us have more fears than we really need to carry.  Sometimes, like my grandpa, we need to let go.  After all, as the Scripture reminds us, underneath are the everlasting arms.

Pastor Dan



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