The Grace of Transformation

transformation“It’s time to accept the unchangeable past,  to embrace the priceless present, and to have faith in the promise of tomorrow.”

-Beth Moore

Greetings, my Trinity UMC Family!

I am writing this on the heels of an utterly honest and probing conversation with a remarkable twenty-something-year-old woman wrestling with the unimaginable challenge of a relentless and aggressive cancer.  This brave young woman shared the dreams that once gave her hope and strength – dreams of “climbing, unhindered, the professional ladder”, of meeting and wedding “the absolute love of [her] life”, of reconciling with her only surviving parent.  She couldn’t see anything else, didn’t want anything more…until, that is, she received the diagnosis that forced her to reevaluate everything.

I referred to this young woman as “brave” because of her un-common wisdom and strength:  “I never know what’s going to happen from day to day, even from moment to moment.  But I do know that I don’t want to waste whatever time God gives me looking back and wishing things were different.  This is now my path – chosen or not – and my Lord is still keeping His promises to me, especially in the midst of this struggle.”  She went on to give witness to her Savior’s bestowing of daily patience, and provision, and peace.  “As I continue to walk my path, I also continue to be informed and transformed by my great God and truest Friend!”

We always hope that God will lift us above and sweep us far beyond our troubles and tribulations.  Sometimes God does precisely that.  But at other times – in fact, most times, our Savior chooses to walk with us through our trials and challenges that we may discover and be marvelously transformed by new and unimagined dimensions of our Savior’s power, love and grace.

See you on Sunday!  And don’t forget to invite/bring someone with you to join us in worshipping the One who is true Life!

This weekend in WORSHIP... We will consider the issue of “UNFINISHED BUSINESS”.  Sometimes fear or haste prevent us from experiencing closure, from being able to “turn the page” and move forward in our relationships and lives.  We hope to see you on Sunday, as the Word of God teaches and empowers us.

The 2017 CONFIRMATION CLASS has begun… Many thanks to Jacki Bogolia, our Director of Christian Education, and to the parents who have chosen to walk with our young people on what is a quite special part of their spiritual journeys.  Please remember to keep us all in your prayers!

The Pastor’s Bible Study Class… continues with a focus on “THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT”.   Jesus Christ preached with the authority of the promised coming King, and in this momentous sermon, the Lord taught about the wonder of spiritual transformation, about how the Holy Spirit works in supernatural and life-giving ways in believers’ hearts and minds and communities.  I encourage you to join us on Sundays, from 9:15 until 10 a.m., in this challenging and renewing journey.  I’m confident you’ll find it to be a great blessing in your life!

I also encourage you to be especially attentive to all of the upcoming activities at Trinity UMC.  Thank you for your continued support of the church with your talents, resources, and prayers.  We need and faithfully using all that God has blessed you to share!

Are you interested in uniting with Trinity UMC, in Mount Prospect?  The process for joining begins with participating in an upcoming “Coffee With the Pastor” session, where you’ll learn a bit of the stories of The United Methodist Church and Trinity UMC, mp, and be introduced to some of our staff and leaders, along with learning about the expectations of membership.  To register your interest, please contact me, directly, at (847) 621-9160, or use the Sign Up sheet, located in the church office.

— Pastor Colleen

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