The Jericho March

The march on JerichoDear Friends,

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told to do something you didn’t understand.

Joshua didn’t understand why God told him to march the Israelites around Jericho for six days, then blow trumpets and shout on the seventh day.  Is that any way to take over a city?  Yet, Johsua obeyed God and the walls came tumbling down, Rahab and her family were saved, and the Hebrews won.

We expect our children to obey and do things they don’t understand.  We want them to trust that we are looking out for their safety and best interest.  LIkewise, we don’t always know God’s plans, but we trust that God has our greatest good in mind. When we obey God, we win.

This Sunday at Trinity, the children will do the “Jericho March,” blow “shofars” and shout to bring the walls down.   Youth Band meets at 9:30, Shepherds at 9:50, and Cherubs at 10:00.  Youth Bells and both choirs will provide the ministry in music during worship.  Youth in junior and senior high will meet in the Loft for QIS (Quite Interesting Sundays).

November is Upward Call month.  Families are invited to come to church at 5:00 Saturday evening, enjoy relaxed family worship with live music, and welcome guests who visit our church.

Let us pray:
Dear God, help us to serve and obey you every day.  Amen.

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