What is Manna? It’s a scrip program.

You purchase gift/debit cards to use personally or give as a gift from over 100 vendors. Trinity receives 3% to 14% of each card denomination depending on the vendor. It’s a great way to donate without giving more money!!!!

As we begin the fall Manna program a reminder to everyone that Manna Cards are very useful in helping people in need.  If you purchase Manna cards, especially for groceries  and gas, and donate them to the church, they will be used to help people in need and  will also benefit the church.

Manna is a monthly gift card fundraising event. You can help Trinity by buying gift cards from various vendors in different denominations to give as gifts or use yourself. Trinity will receive a percentage from each card from the Manna Group organization. The Manna Group has dozens of vendors to choose from and is continually adding new suppliers. Our order form, which you can find here on the website or a hard copy in the narthex at church, contains vendors close to Mt. Prospect, but is in no way a complete list of what is on the Manna Group website. If you are curious about a vendor not on our list, check out the Manna Group website at www.mannagroup.net. If it is on their list, clip a note to me itemizing the quantity, price, and name of the vendor to our order form. I will order these cards for you with our monthly order.

Click here for a copy of the current order form.

See the Manna Instruction Tab here on the website for date information, filling out the form and paying by check.

Please email Seanna McPherson or Debbie Watson if you have any questions.

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