Trinity Preschool Auction Update

Well, we had a great, successful auction and we want to thank the church for helping us achieve our goal.  Thank you to those of you who donated items for our auction, those who baked, those who bought and those who bid and didn’t get to buy too.  We also thank everyone for being there and for understanding and accepting that we kind of disrupt your usual routine one Sunday a year.

The Trinity Preschool Board members worked many hours to make this auction a success; so a special thank you to all of them – Sue Templin, Jackie Hinaber, Christine Banser, Amy Graver, Inna Patel, Tanya Sluder, Mickie Joseph, Kristina Gorby, Jessica Pahrisi and former board member Seana McPherson.

We don’t have final numbers yet, but we have a rough figure raised of over $5000.00!

Mary Ristau, Trinity Preschool Director

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