Trinity Preschool News

preschoolfiguresMaybe because it has been so cold, but it does not feel like the end of the school year is coming soon!  We are all hoping for warmer weather, but at least we are finally able to get back outside for the first time since fall.  The children love running around the playground with freedom and abandon!

We were able to make a donation to the church with some of our auction proceeds and we are also using a portion of the money to put new doorknobs on the classroom doors that will be ADA approved, have the safety feature of being able to be locked from the inside in event of a security emergency and also will open more easily.  The current doorknobs have served us well since the building was built, but  after many repairs are just no longer functional. Shockingly- sturdy doorknobs cost over $350. each!  Yikes! We are grateful to have the auction money to make this improvement to the building and for the safety of the students and teachers. We are also hoping to have some money left to add another layer of rubber mulch to the playground for safety.

Thank you again to everyone for always being so supportive of the preschool and the annual auction.

Mary Ristau, Trinity Preschool Director

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