Trinity Preschool

We are having the best fall ever!

We have had great weather and have enjoyed our wonderful playground most days. Did you know we had the fence painted this summer? It is a soft tan that matches the downspouts on the building  and it looks great.

We started our extended hours and we have up to twenty families who use it already.  This helps not only those families who may need longer hours to work, (but don’t want day care); but also allows the teachers to earn some additional money.  In this economy, I think it’s great that we are able to provide jobs to 10 women!

I am so excited to be part of this great preschool and I am so appreciative of this church for offering this exceptional program to the community.  As always, I hope we make you proud!

We have a new Trinity Preschool LOGO and we have fabric shopping bags with our LOGO and school name on them.  If you would like one, they will be $2.00 each and are available in Red, Blue, Orange and Green.

Mary Ristau,
Director, Trinity Preschool

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