UMW Book Reviews

The women have purchased 4 new books chosen from the UMW recommended reading list. Here are short reviews:

Beaded Hope by Cathy Liggett is on the 2012 list in the Education for Mission category. When four women embark on a mission trip to South Africa, they all have selfish reasons for going. What none of them expects is how profoundly their lives will be transformed by the people they meet. This is a moving story about the power of faith and hope to overcome even the most tragic circumstances.

Why Women Should Rule the World by Dee Dee Meyers is on the 2012 list under Leadership Development. (LARGE PRINT) In this blend of memoir, social history and call to action, the book challenges us to imagine a not-too-distant future in which increasing numbers of women reach the top ranks of politics, business, science and academia. Reflecting on her own tenure in the Clinton administration, the author assesses the crucial but long ignored strengths that female leaders bring to the table. (UMW does not have but it is available in audio and e-book.)

Can We Talk About Race?: And Other Conversations in an Era of School Re-segregation by Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph.D. is a 2010 book in the Social Action category. Psychologist and educator Beverly Daniel Tatum, a leading commentator on race and schools, analyzes some of the most resonant issues in U.S. education and race relations.

Lacey and the African Grandmothers by Sue Farrell Holler is a YOUTH book on the 2012 list in the Education category. What difference can a young Blackfoot girl from North America make in the lives of grandmothers in Africa? A lot, as Lacey discovers. Her decision to help will bring about amazing changes in her life and her community.

We have lost track of a book that Judy Studtmann bought to share. If you have On Thundering Wings by Ermalou McDuffie Roller (our former District Superintendent) please let Judy or me know.

Thank you. Linda Askeland


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