United Methodist Men 2015 News

Saturday, February 28, 2015, 8:00 a.m.

Fellowship Breakfast at Elly’s Pancake House, 372 E Golf Road, 9:00 at Trinity Hall

By: Brad Meador, the Elgin District UMM President
Brad, the Elgin District UMM President will discuss why we need a men’s ministry in each church. He has been president for the last three years and a member of the Crystal Lake UMC for 25 years, retired as of Feb 2014 after 31 years as a Manager in the Facilities program of the U. S. Postal Service, family of five kids, thirteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren. If anyone wants me to expand while he is there then that is ok.

I have a power point that goes over why we need a men’s ministry in each church.  As part of the power point, it can be stressed that each of us plays a part in men’s ministry but each man needs to get involved if his heart is truly transformed from being a cultural Christian to a biblical Christian.  The major points from this year’s Spiritual Congress can be presented since that weekend relates very well to getting men involved.  Brad, 815-271-2235

A thanks to John Froberg, and Bruce Spillar for running this year’s nut sale. A special thanks to Al McClellan, and Jack Verhasselt for running it in years past. Bruce reports: “The cost of nuts were $2260.80, the bags were $22.56, totaling $2,283.36. The income was $3,184.70, Profit according to my calculations is $901.36.”


The outing has been moved to August 16th. Details to follow.

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