United Methodist Men Reminder




Keynote Speaker: Rev. Larry Hilkemann. Now retired, Rev. Hilkemann has 46 years of ministry in the NIC, six years as DeKalb District Superintendent.

We will be doing a study on the Book of Matthew. Reverend Larry Hilkemann will lead our study.

The Northern Illinois Conference UMM seeks to assist men to know Christ, to serve him, to grow spiritually and to seek to do his will daily

By reading and studying we learn to apply The Gospel of Matthew: A Guide for Life in Your Congregation. What can Matthew teach congregation and us that will make us better where we are? We come into the church informally through fellowship, calling, healing, and invitations to be a part of something larger.

We have four workshops for us to hear and learn about Welcoming (lead by Rev. James Preston), Discipleship (lead by Rev. Zaki  Zaki), Forgiveness (lead by Rev. Dianna Facemyer) and Mission (led by Jim Miller). These should be informative and challenging for us. This is to be a time of renewal, reflection and growth for our men and our congregations as God leads us. Come journey with him as we continue to build the kingdom for our Lord and Savior.

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