Weed ‘n Water

Gardening Wish List

Our small Tuesday evening gardening group (5-6 people) cannot get everything done. From June – September we work in the gardens the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings (at 6:15 pm)of the month.  If you have some free time during the week and can help out, see the list below.

We wish that someone would:

  • Edge along the sidewalks.
  • Remove dandelions, clover and violets from courtyard lawn.
  • Remove dandelions and weeds from lawn area between sanctuary and office doors.
  • Adopt a small area (such as by the preschool door or in front of the church sign) and take care of it.
  • Be part of the watering team and come on a certain day during the week during hot, dry weather.
  • Trim bushes.
  • Remove weeds and debris from window wells.

Questions?  Contact:

Bruce and Lois Spillar

Paul and Renata Brezinski


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