WOW!! VBS 2014

vbslogoWorkshop of Wonders VBS was hosted by Trinity the first week in August.  Throughout the week the energy level in the church skyrocketed as new and returning children, youth & adult volunteers and student leaders immersed themselves in the experience.  Here’s a summary of feedback that was shared:

The Bounce House BBQ kick-off event was a big hit with all ages. During the week children learned five different Bible stories and several new songs. The music was engaging and the words of the songs drove home uplifting messages about God’s love. Meal providers took great care to plan menus that met special dietary requirements; the food was abundant and delicious. Student leaders from North Central College were described as talented, polite, helpful, nice, energetic, and positive.  They even helped build a table for one of the Trinity hosts!  Trinity adult and youth leaders demonstrated patience, maturity and creativity as they interacted with—and were challenged by—the children throughout the week.

Opportunities for next year include indoor activities and organized games at the Bounce House BBQ kick-off event.  Also, a group of interested folks may reach out to other churches to discuss the possibility of offering a combined VBS experience.

When planning a community outreach ministry like VBS, many factors are impossible to predict. For example, who and how many will come?  What are each child’s special needs? Are we equipped to meet their needs?  What will the weather be like? Will there be enough food?

Throughout WOW VBS week God’s love shown through to our guests and to each other. Youth and adults alike demonstrated kindness, hospitality, enthusiasm and lots and lots and lots of flexibility. WOW.  Summer Mission accomplished. Thanks be to God!

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