You Never Know Who You Might Save

1964_Miss_Astor_Surfboat_Wrecks_Resized-600x0Dear Trinity Friends,

He was part of a surf boat crew that sought to save shipwrecked sailors in the nineteenth century.  Everything was oar-powered.  Working in stormy surf was difficult and dangerous.  He was so good at it that he was nick-named Hardy, and was the head of the crew.

A storm struck the coast.  A ship was driven onto the rocks, the crew precariously hanging on to the wreckage.  Hardy and his crew pulled out again and again to take off survivors.  After their last trip, even Hardy was so exhausted that he could hardly move.  They had earned a rest.

Then someone noticed.  They had missed one survivor, who was clinging to the bow.  The weary surf crew looked to Hardy.  He hesitated.  Before he could decide, his mother stepped from the watching crowd.  “Hardy, you’ve done enough,” she said.  “I could not bear to loose you.  Your brother Tom went to sea years ago, and has never returned.  If you are lost, I will have no one left.”

Hardy hesitated, then steeled himself.  “This is my job; I must go,” he  said finally.  Once more he led his team into the surf.

USLSS-JERSEY-PSB7The crowd watched breathlessly as the surf boat approached the wreck.  They watched as the team managed to retrieve the last survivor, and    begin the hard row back.

As they approached shore, Hardy stood in the bow and shouted over   the storm in the fragmented way that sailors used to communicate    over wind.  He shouted “Tell. . . .mother. . . .it. . . .is. . . .Tom.”

You never can tell who you might save.


Pastor Dan

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